There is a new invention that is suppose to replace the use of cable and satellite for entertainment. These new boxes are suppose to turn our televisions into computers that hold programs available from the internet. If anyone has ever attempted to download a show or movie from the internet or Netflix it can sometimes be a hassle. If the internet connection is down, it can become a bigger issue.

The television is a great source of entertainment that is still prominent in our society since being accessed from any household. You can sit on the couch and waste hours just staring at your favorite shows. There is a new product that is trying to supplement the television by using the internet and downloads to watch your favorite programs and movies. It comes in a box form that eliminates the use of cable or satellite to watch T.V. The Apple TV is an example of this new source of technology that allows you to download your favorite shows to watch anytime. There are many competitors that are producing similar products.

This is not the first type of device to do this, the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and similar DVR’s all have the ability to use Netflix to stream movies and shows.

In order to stream a movie or show is possible if the show has already aired, but what about premieres. If a person is adapted to watching a favorite show at a certain time, they will most likely miss the show if they don’t have a cable satellite provider.

The issue with these boxes are that instead of just turning on the television and watching your favorite shows to a process of finding the program is available. Some television shows are not available to watch on the internet at all.

The television is seen as the ultimate form of entertainment in household. People spend hours watching television looking at their favorite shows. Although, many people use their computers, smart phones,tablets, etc. as a form of entertainment, the television is still dominate. There have been many inventions in the past that people thought were gonna replace the television such as the internet and YouTube.

The reality is that television many have changed in programs and times people watch television programs and shows, but people are still watching T.V.¬† We still flock to the television to see the new episodes of our favorite shows. We use the television as a backdrop for other things such as doing homework or hanging out with friends. The use of the internet to watch television has increased it usage, but it can’t fully replace it. The Super Bowl for example would not be the same if it was not available live on a big screen television. I can go on for days about the importance of the television in our society.

Although these new devices can be a supplement for entertainment, it can never replace actually watching the premiere of a favorite show when it airs. My question for everyone is, do you think that these new devices could be popular?



One thought on “Can The Television Be Replaced? I Doubt It?

  1. I completely agree with you that these new technologies should be looked at primarily as simply “accessories” to television. I don’t think that anything will really replace tv. Yes I do have a Netflix account, but I use Netflix when I need to catch up on a television show that I may have missed on air. Netflix and other programs like it, also do not have all of the programs that I am interested in watching. They actually have pretty few programs, in retrospect. I would say that it is definitely worth the $10 a month (or whatever it costs..) but that by no means should cable be eliminated. If you think about it however, it does seem pretty costly to have to pay for both cable and netflix. Maybe there will come a time when I will have to choose one or the other…. and at that time, I will always choose TV.

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