While searching Google for anything that might be linked to future media communication, I found this article titled: 10 Predictions For The Future of Media by Craig Kanalley on the Huffington Post website. The article was originally written on October 5th, 2011 and updated on December 5th, 2011 that predicted new ways media technology was advancing from the incite of people in the technology industry. The article consists of little major changes but subtle upgrades in gadgets that were popular. Kanalley was kind of accurate in his predictions. He predicted that there would be advertising towards networks and data being important. This prediction is seen today used by social media to display advertisements directly to its users. This also is used by stores like Target that try to keep a record of their customer purchases to predict future buying patterns.

Kanalley was not correct in all of his predictions however, he predicted that we would be able to interact with advertisements and that we would be able to watch television completely live from the internet. Although you can stream television shows and movies online, the supply and how recent the television episodes are limited. If there is a show that you may like, there is a chance that it may not be available on Netflix or any similar website. The idea of being able to communicate with advertisements maybe available, but I doubt if people are excited about advertisements in general.

There are so many new technologies that are forced on consumers as the new “it” product that we all must have. This trend is what drives people to purchase every new I-Phone that comes out or new technological device that upgrades every year.

The companies in the technology industry are making money on this new method of trying to keep a tech savvy status. This explains why every Apple product is upgraded every year for one little new add-on to the device. I was so excited about the I-Phone 4S because it was faster than the I-Phone 4, that I actually was considering buying it. When the 4S was sold in stores, the next month there was already talk about the I-Phone 5. This ever-going cycle is why Apple products are not competing as well as they did before.

The idea of predicting future technologies is not an easy task because the future is always changing. What may appeal to others one day may not meet their needs in the next five years.

I wonder what will be the next predicted “it”  technology that everyone is going to love to own.

Article Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/05/predictions-future-of-media_n_996196.html#slide=390231


2 thoughts on “The Future of Communication Media: The New “got-to-have” Technology

  1. Upon reading your post, I was reminded of something a friend posted on Facebook a few weeks back. I cannot remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of this : In the past, people lived day to day because their life expectancy was much shorter and they did not have to plan ahead, but nowadays, all we do is plan ahead. We have futures to look forward to.
    Although this is an intriguing point, it is quite startling. It seems like all we do now is talk about our future and the future of technology. We have become a society of planners and predictors instead of a society of embracers.

  2. This article made me think about our generations need for the most up to date technologies. What really makes the newest Iphone better than the one that came out a couple of months before? Is it REALLY necessary for us to run out and spend an obnoxious amount of money for a simple upgrade? Thinking about these questions makes me wonder if it is really the upgrade we are after or something more. Do we only want to have these “It” technologies to impress our friends? Is it a social status thing? My friend Alexis constantly is researching new technologies and the advancements coming in the future. I find it interesting, but I find myself sticking to what I find useful. I would rather spend my money on other necessities before I lavish myself with a luxury that isn’t much different from the one I already own.

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