The mission of this blog is to explore how technology has changed interpersonal communication from a sociological point of view, supported by academic research, by addressing a wide variety of topics relating to media, communication, and technocultures. More specifically, each post will connect the development, trend, or loss of methods of interpersonal communication to differing aspects of technology such as its constant growth, effects on the individual, and increasing accessibility. These posts are also designed to provide several objective points of view, challenge mainstream points of view, and raise questions about technology’s effect on the future of human interaction through technology.

This blog, “Technology & Communication,” was founded by six female students majoring in Communication at the College of Charleston. Alanna Hamilton, Cory Spears, Jade Griffith, Laura Beigel, Mallory Pultz, and Quinesha Kirdyashkin have provided brief personal biographies and their connection to the subject of communication that can be found on their individual pages.


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