Super super Senior taking the long path to graduation. Jade is a part time student at College of Charleston majoring in Communication. Jade is a tech geek and is able to have fun in that profession as being a Sales Manager for VZW. She has been at Verizon for 6 years and has seen the progression from text packages being a new thing to now the introduction of at home Machine-to-Machine solutions.

In her free time she loves to travel and get dirty. Obstacle courses provide that perfect mixture. She has a group of three other people that regularly compete in the USMC Mud Run twice a year and is now preparing for their second Tough Mudder May 18th. Jade also has a passion for other cultures and loves to explore places she’s never been. She is bilingual in Spanish and is learning German on Rosetta Stone now. She has lived in Charleston for over 20 years but is ready for a change when she graduates. Austin, TX is a top choice because it will be much closer to the family she has in TX but not as cold as Chicago or NYC.

Jade at the Brandenburg Gate in BerlinJade at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin


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